Josh Geary is JGearyAndJSlikk's self-character. He is practically bald, sporting only a number of short, blue hairs, and wears a yellow shirt and big, green glasses and shoes. In some instances, his shirt has "NEOPETS" written across it.

The character's design has been criticised, parodied and mocked due to its weird anatomy, primarily because his body and shoes resemble boxes (often referred to as a cereal box and tissue boxes, respectively), and that his head resembles a massive lemon. Recent iterations of the character have the edges of his body and shoes curved to make them appear more rounded.

In M.U.G.E.N, multiple versions of Josh Geary have been made, though almost all versions other than the original by JGearyAndJSlikk3 are intended to be mockeries or joke characters. Most versions use sprites from the original version.

JGearyandJSlikk's first/1st version Edit


Josh Geary has next to no collision boxes in some of his animations, with some of the clsns being too small. The character is also very cheap with his 150 attack stat, which allows him to KO any normal character in just a few hits. Edit

Stats Edit

Life: 2013

Power: 3000

Attack: 150

Defence: 200

Link on the 1st Josh Geary.

Josh Geary V1:

JGearyAndJSlikk's second/2nd version Edit


Josh Geary uses the same template as its old counterpart. Another problem with this character is that the collision boxes are still small, and he is still overpowered. He also has the same high Defence and Life stats as the old version, making him somewhat hard to take down along with the small clsn boxes, not helped by his new "healing factor" move that can restore his Life.

Link on the 2nd Josh Geary.

Josh Geary V2:

Josh Geary V2 (Updated):