Lime was a character who appeared only in Happy Birthday!. Lime and Pear were seen waiting for Orange to arrive at his first birthday party. When Midget Apple was stuck in a cupcake, it catches fire, and Orange and Pear blow it out, but it lands on Marshmallow. Soon, the Wee Pony catches fire and it kicks Marshmallow and lands on Lime. Orange says, "Talk about being the limelight". Lime was a character who wasn't annoyed by Orange or vice versa, but he got knifed by Knife accidentally when Knife came to visit Orange and wish him a happy birthday. Its unknown why marshmallow survived maybe its because he is a main character.

Quotes Edit

  • "Well, surprise! He never showed up."
  • "Bro, we live in a kitchen."
  • "Umm...there's no one else here."
  • "Whoa, where'd that come from?"
  • "Why Would you do that?"
  • "You don't do that at birthday parties!"
  • "No!"
  • "Guys, why don't we just open some presents?"
  • "Uh-Oh."
  • "Hey, get off me!"

Trivia Edit

  • He may be a relative of the three limes killed by Knife in Kitchen Intruder.
  • This character's name is never mentioned.
  • He is the first lime to appear.
  • He is the only character that was in Oranges party, that is not a main character.
  • He is one of the few characters to be seen wearing a hat in is first appearance.
  • He is the fourth character not to scream while getting knifed after Grandpa Lemon, Granny Smith and Ginger.
  • He has a southern accent.
  • It's possible he is Pear's friend